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I've used more than a few receivers and tuners for FM DXing over the years, and I wish I had this 20 years ago!

For FM DXing, I like this SDR more than anything else I've ever used. There's no need to do filter changes ever again. You set the filtering yourself for 192khz, 150khz, 100khz or 80khz or anything in between. Sensitivity of this receiver on FM is very good. It shows RDS and the PI codes! The software has a spectrum analyzer which makes it easy to use with a phaser to phase down your locals and your IBOC! Many FM DXers who have used a Perseus and downconverter for FM DXing prefer the ELAD. The ELAD is half the price of a Perseus!

Some DXers are even using this SDR with RDS Spy via a virtual audio cable. I'm not at that point yet, but I will try it eventually.

What DXers say is the real beauty of this radio is the fact that you can record either audio or up to 6mhz of bandwidth so you can record the band and play it back and DX it later. No other radio allows this!!

This is almost certainly the last radio I will ever use for FM Dxing. And in the winter when FM conditions are deadband, I'll be using the ELAD for medium wave DXing. And I'll be using it for aircraft monitoring and analog/DTV carrier monitoring and utility services on 155mhz.


 Here are a few screengrabs of TV DX I've seen. There has been very little skip or tropo here in CT during 2014, so catches are few. It's been a crappy season for Es. Nevertheless, I did manage one nice grab from back in May. This was KHAS ch5 in Hastings, NE, and just a few weeks later they shut down and left the air for good. I was lucky to see this.

The photo on the left is WWSI in Atlantic City, NJ. It's just 200mi from here but because of CPTV in Bridgeport on ch49, I've never seen it. FM from AC is common; TV is rare here.


And here are a few of my best all-time catches from 2013. These are not spectacular, but they (in my opinion) are pretty good to be seen from CT. Of the four, only WTVR has been seen here more than once.

UL--KDKA-25 Pittsburh, UR--WATM 24 Altoona,PA, LL--WSKY-9 Manteo,NC

LR--WTVR-25 Richmond,VA

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