Yes, it's true. This site has been online since 1999. No kidding. Back then I had no gray hair and was ten years away from retirement.

I've changed things. If you've come here looking for any of my tuner mods, equipment reports, D100 info or just about anything that you've seen here
in the past, you can still find it here. Everything is here, just use this link to get transported back to the past.

Now the title of this page does say "TV and FM" DX. However, the focus of this page does favor TV Dxing over FM. The reason for that is because
the FM band in this location (Northern CT along the MA state line) is almost totally saturated with HD radio sidebands, translators and low powered
FM stations (LPFM).  With that in mind, I have moved away from the radios and FM tuners we all used to love so much and switched to software-defined radios,
better known as SDRs. I have the Elad FDM-S2 and the SDRPlay.  I use the SDRPlay unit more than the Elad. I love the 8mhz of spectrum it will cover. It keeps me
interested in the FM FX hobby.  Without it I'd probably be done with FM DXing. See my logs for 2016 below. My antenna is an APS-13.  I also have a Bolin phase
box with a CM Probe 9 on a tripod outside to phase down my locals. Now that skip season is over, phasing has been disconnected for the year.

For years I used a DTV converter box plugged into an analog TV Card in my computer and took screenshots with it. That ended when I upgraded the computer
and the card no longer fit. So I found another way. For all of these photos I use the camera on an otherwise worthless Android phone with auto focus. It's quick
and it takes great pics. I resize them all with Irfanview.
Winter TV & FM E Skip comes to CT on December 26, 2015. The best in years. See my loggings . READ
It was one of my favorite pieces of TV DX equipment, but I'm not finished with it yet, or am I? READ
Yard Sales and dirt cheap DX related equipment. Good stuff CHEAP. READ

Here is a review I did of the SDRPlay RSP a while ago. Much of this is dated now. SDR# gave way to SDRUno although HDSDR is still my favorite interface. But the RSP itself is still solid. READ.
My FM DX Logs for 2015 HERE

My FM DX Logs for 2016: April | May | June | July 2A | July 2B | July 20 & 22 |

On July 2nd I was able to record 3 hours of E skip spectrum using my SDRPlay RSP because I wasn't able to do live DXing. Eventually I DXed the spectrum a little
bit each day until I finally finished to find that
I had logged over 50 new stations.  I'd say that the last time I logged that many in one opening was way before
IBOC was born (2000 or so).
Thank you SDRs!!

New TV loggings for 2016: Zero, nada, none.
New translators on the air locally since January 2016: Too many.

More DTV Tropo pictures down the coast HERE
Comparing my handwritten 1998 FM log with my scribbled 2015 FM Log READ

Two stations here; Left is a WNYW on-channel repeater in Poughkeepsie, NY on ch32 and the other is WNJJ-LD, a low power DTV station in Paterson NJ
both seen on August 18th between 10:00 and 10:30pm.

Next we have four pics from September. September 2 brought in W30DM 30 in Manchester, VT (~70miles). I consider this a pretty good catch considering all of the hills between my home and Manchester, VT. The "ION" on ch14 (Virtual 16) is WGPX in Burlington, NC, heard on September 6th at 8:15am and this is my farthest DTV logging at about 550 miles. The next two are WHRO 16 Norfolk (400mi) and WWSI 49 in Atlantic City (200mi). You can count on WHRO to come in at least 2-3 times every summer.

Here's another sample of WHRO from the 11th and another "regular" here...WPTZ 14 Burlington, VT.  This station must have huge coverage.  I see traces of it here all the time.

The best tropo of the year arrived here on the evening of December 5th into the morning of December 6th. The evening of the 5th brought tropo from Albany NY, Utica, NY and Syracuse NY (190 miles). The next morning, the 6th, brought in WNEP 50 again, WYOU 13 and WVIA 41. All about 150 miles. WCNY,WNYS,WSPX(IonLife),WSYR, WNYS are all Syracuse. WKTV is Utica. WMHT is Schenectady.

Updated October  23, 2016
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All photos on this site were taken with an old Samsung Android phone. In case you wondered. So glad I never tossed it.
2015, 2016 and beyond. Mike Bugaj